Have A Good Week | Relying On God & My Hardwork To Achieve My Goals

7/13/2020 11:00:00 pm

Happy New Week!

When I look at the date I'm tempted to ask where the days are going to. We are almost in mid-July. This past week has been uncomfortable and tough for me. I'm hoping for a better new week.

Have A Good Week Ep 1 | Relying On God & My Hardwork To Achieve My Goals

I hope you guys are doing fine.

I caught a cold three days ago and today my daughter caught it too. It's one thing to be sick and another when your child is sick as well. I feel so sorry for her when she coughs and sneezes. The weather has been extremely cold these days. I think my working at night exposed me to getting sick because the nights are colder and I didn't keep warm enough.

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My Herbal Tea To Cure The Cold

I would say the week has started off well. Today, I tried to maintain a clean home just like I did yesterday. I was really pleased with my efforts. With a toddler at home its a battle to keep the house clean and tidy. But we are making efforts and progress with that by cleaning regularly and setting rules when it comes to the people who dirty it the most.

My weekend was highlighted by the announcement of the opening of a boutique by our first daughter Brenda Biya alias Bree. It's an initiative to applaud and from the pictures she shared on Instagram and Twitter, the place is fine. The business is situated in Beverly Hills and OMG this arose different reactions from Cameroonians. Most of them would have preferred her to open her boutique in Cameroon. I share and understand their view but on the other hand, there are other reasons why she did it in California best known to her. But in my opinion, a beauty store owned by the first daughter would have attracted many curious Cameroonians like me who will love to visit the boutique of the first daughter. Whatever the case, she has done well by starting her own business and I pray for its success. I really feel inspired by her entrepreneurial move.

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This week I'm relying on God and my hard work to achieve my goals. I'm also trying to be more productive this week - something which has been on the rise since the end of last week. I pray it keeps increasing.


I wish you guys a blessed week.
Thanks for reading. I'll see you in my next one.
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